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Our Story

In 1916, Themistocles James Dimitri opened a candy store, Dimitri’s Confectionery at 324 West State Street in Olean, New York. The family owned store was open for 39 years until his death in 1955. in 2016, sixty years after the closing of Dimitri’s Confectionery, the Freeland family, including Themistocles' granddaughter, continued the family tradition and opened Dimitri’s Confectionery Treats at 13 East Market Street in Corning, New York.

Dimitri’s Confectionery Treats specializes in homemade Ghirardelli treats, truffles, bulk candy from nostalgic to unique, gift baskets and party favors for every occasion, cookies, fudge and brittles. “Sweet-themed” items include candles, puzzles, baking and cheesecake mixes, New York State maple syrup, flavored Virginia peanuts and children’s toys. 

Dimitri’s Confectionery Treats offers a large selection of sweet items that appeal to people at every age. 

Stop in and Treats! Yourself

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