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Candy & Sweets Galore!

We have a lot more than just this list, stop in and explore our Treats!

Item selection in store may vary daily.

Store-made items featuring
Ghirardelli chocolate:

Bark - flavors vary

Peanut butter cups

Dipped chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate Oreos - various flavors

Dipped marshmallows

Gourmet chocolate caramel apples

Chocolate covered strawberries - order 

Chocolate potato chips

Salted caramel squares

Dipped Nutter Butter cookies

Chocolate dipped rice crispies

Chocolate dipped pretzel rods


Coconut clusters

Featured gourment candy bars

Oreo lollipops

Nut clusters

And lots more!

Seasonal favorites too!

Truffles! Truffles! Truffles!

Over 25 flavors to choose from!
These delicious bite size truffles are sure to make everyone happy. They are
the perfect size to enjoy two or three. They can be purchase individually or packaged in boxes for gift giving.

Seasonal flavors too!

Cotton Candy

Gourmet cotton candy tubs come in flavors from jalapeño and bacon to beer and wine selections. Oh yeah,
we have sweet ones like root beer, strawberry shortcake, frosted donut and coconut cream pie too!

Salt Water Taffy

From the standards of chocolate
and peppermint, to the crazy maple bacon and buttered popcorn.


Packaged Chocolates

Dark chocolate almonds

Milk chocolate almonds

Double dipped peanuts

Peanut butter peanuts

Chocolate covered gummie bears

Cappuccino bites

Dark chocolate cashews

Dark chocolate espresso beans

Milk chocolate espresso beans

Dark chocolate pretzel balls

Milk chocolate mini pretzels

Dark chocolate non parells

Milk chocolate non parells

Cookie dough bites

Triple dipped malt balls

Peanut butter malt balls

Dark chocolate cherries

Chocolate covered raisins

Milk chocolate animal crackers

Peanut butter meltaways

Cinnamon graham pretzels

Peanut butter pretzel balls

Nostalgic Candies


Rootbeer Barrels 

Pop Rocks - many flavors

Pixie Stix

Zotz - many flavors

Rock Candy

Now & Laters

Atomic Fireballs

Vanilla Bullseyes

Butterscotch Buttons

Wax Bottles

Rock Candy

Hot Tamales

Mike & Ikes

Candy Buttons

Swedish Fish

Mallo Cups

Cow Tales

Clark Bars

Fun Dip

Gold Mine Gum


Charleston Chews - 3 flavors


Satellite Wafers

Sugar Daddy pops



Smoothie Butterscotch Cups



Dee Dee Desserts

Your favorite flavor cheesecakes in easy to make pouches. Or, just mix
it up as a dip with Nilla Wafers or graham cracker sticks! Yumm!

Bulk Gummies


Sour bears


Sour worms

Quattro belts

Peach rings

Fried eggs

Chicken feet

Apple rings

Red hot cinnamon bears

Watermelon rings






Blue raspberries

Red raspberries

Swedish fish


Sour patch kids


Sour poppers

Fruit slices

Cherry rings

Seasonal varieties

Even more bulk candy

Tootsie Rolls

Fruit Tootsie Rolls

Frootsies - 8 flavors

Sour Cherries


Laffy Taffy

Jolly Ranchers

Hershey miniature bars

Hershey Kisses

Hershey assortment

Mars chocolate assortment

Fruit salad

Jawbreakers - two sizes


M&Ms plain and peanut


Chocolate rocks

Blow pops

Sugar bones

Sugar stars



Jelly beans

Gumballs in various sizes

And too many more to list!

Don't forget...

Annie B's caramels - 12 flavors

Stuffed Animals


NaNa's peanut butter fudge topping

Coca-Cola products

Store-made trail mix


Candy bars

Gift baskets

And so much more!

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